Dear Members and Friends,

As some of you may know, we at the International Association of Female Artists have been in the process of establishing our relevance in a time of great challenge.  With many galleries, conferences, exhibitions and other opportunities at risk and shrinking in the advent of social distancing, we want to be able to serve artists in a way that will bring their voice and their medium to the forefront.  We are also committed to hearing all the voices and strive to create a diverse lens also necessary in this time of global

As result and in keeping with many other institutions and organizations that are doing ZOOM meetings, we have created the ARTIST WITHOUT BORDERS discussion panel, which focuses on various relevant topics aligning with the current most pressing issues of the day.   We invite a maximum of 6 artists to bring their voices to the table to engage in public discussions they are most concerned with. The panel is recorded, edited, and uploaded to Youtube.

We have had some discussions that some of you may have already been a part of focused on Privacy, Social Justice and Racism.  These are not expert conversations, although we may choose to have the experts’ participation the future but for now, our conversations are from the heart, spoken through the lens of the artist, unique and thoughtful, genuine and stirring, calling us all to go deeper and deeper in our own understanding of ourselves and others.

Please join us in on Fridays twice a month at 11:30 – 1:00 PM to listen and if you are willing to participate please let us know which conversations you would like to join the panel for as we have limited space. If you agree to be on a panel you will be agreeing to be on a recorded call which will then be updated on YouTube.

The following topics will be available for participation:

  • Health Care vs Care
  • Economics and capitalism

International Association of Female Artists Community